Coins Plus Bid Board    


Over 90% of the items for sale on the Bid board are from collectors or other dealers. 

It is by far one of the most active Bid board in the Los Angeles area.

There are close to 600 items on each Bid board, which include U.S. coins, world coins, ancient coins, U.S. currency, World wide bank notes, metals, decorations, gold and silver bullion . 

The Bid board changes every week.

We invite you to come to Newhall and see the Bid board  in action.

The bidding closes each Tuesday at 7:30 PM. At bid board closing we have several drawings, some for merchandise and some for cash.

  • Only Card Carrying members may hang merchandise or bid on items. Membership is free and is good   forever.

  • All items left to hang on the Bid boards must be checked for accuracy and  completeness before leaving the store. Once you have left the store, you hereby acknowledge that the House cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies. 

  • Buyers are charged 5% buyers premium. A premium is not charged if the buyer pays with cash or check.


1. The reserve is the minimum starting bid. An Open or 0 reserve requires a minimum starting bid of 10 Cents or face value for US, (whichever is greater.)

2. Once a bid has been made, only the House may remove it. A bid can only be removed on the same day it is made. An improper bid will be adjusted to cover the minimum.

3. The bidding will cease at 7:30 PM Tuesday, by the house clock. If you have started to write a bid when the bell rings, you may finish that bid only.

Minimum Raises:

      $.10-.99     10 cents    
      $1.00-4.00   25 cents    
      $5.00-19.99   50 cents    
      $20.00-49.99     $1.00    
      $50.00-99.99   $2.50    
      $100-249.99   $5.00    
      $250-499.99   $10.00    
      $500-UP   $25.00    

1.  The House takes 10% on all items that sell on the board.

2.  Bid Board cards  are sold for 5 cents each.

3. The minimum value on lots is $5.00. No minimum starting price.

4. On open reserves, the owner may bid only one time at no cost.

5. A card may not hang 2 weeks in a row or more than 5 times.

6. The following are guidelines for re-hanging lots:

A. After the first 2 hangs, the reserve must be reduced (a minimum of 10%)

B. After another 2 hangs, the reserve must be lowered again before the card returns for the final hang.

C. Open reserve items may only hang 2 times at the discretion of the house.

7. No U.S. Copies that do not conform to the Hobby Protection Act will be allowed to hang.